In general, I teach classes that are within the subfields of comparative politics and internatioanl relations theory, along with quantitative research methods and design.  I have also done a bit in American foreign policy

 Courses at Copenhagen Business School

Graduate Level:

  • “Research Design and Methods”

Undergraduate Level:

  • “Quantatative metods I”
  • “introduction to Political Science”

Courses at University of Gothenburg

Graduate Level:

  • “The Quality of Government in Comparative Perspective” (SK2212)
  • “Global Democracy and Security”
  • “Theoretical and Historical Perspectives on Global Governance” (AG2110)
  • “Advanced Statistical Methods”

Undergraduate level:

  • “Sverige i Världen (Sweden in the World) (SK1132)
  • “Swedish Politics in a Comparative Perspective” (SK1135)

Courses at University of Memphis

Graduate Level:

  • “Graduate Scope and Methods Research”

Undergraduate level:

  • “International Conflict”
  • “Introduction to International Relations”

Courses at Florida State University

  • “Comparative West European Politics”
  • “Introduction to Comparative Politics”
  • “Introduction to International Relations”