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Bauhr, Monika and Nicholas Charron.  “Insider or Outsider?  Grand Corruption and Electoral Accountability.” forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies


Charron, N., Dahlström, C., Fazekas, M., & Lapuente, V.  2017. “Careers, Connections, and Corruption Risks: Investigating the impact of bureaucratic meritocracy on public procurement processes”  Journal of Politics, 79 (1): 89-104.     Download


Charron, N.  “Explaining the Allocation of Regional Structural Funds: The Conditional Effect of Governance and Self-Rule”.  European Union Politics,  17 (4): 638-659          Download

Charron, Nicholas and Andreas Bågenholm.  2016. ‘Ideology, Party Systems and Corruption Voting in  European Democracies’  Electoral Studies.  41: 35-49Download

Charron, Nicholas. 2016. ‘Do corruption measures have a perception problem? Assessing the relationship between experiences and perceptions of corruption among citizens and experts.’ European Political Science Review, 8(1): 147-171.  Download
Charron, N. & Bo Rothstein.  2016.  “Does Education Lead to Higher Generalized Trust? The Importance of Quality of Government”  forthcoming in International Journal of Educational Development, 50 (2016): 59-73.   Download
Charron, N., Dahlström, C., & Lapuente, V. 2016. “Measuring Meritocracy in the Public Sector: a New National and Sub-National Indicator.”  European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 22 (3): 499-523.    Download

Charron, Nicholas.  2016. “Diverging Cohesion?  Globalization, State Capacity and Regional Inequalities Within and Across European Countries”  European Urban and Regional Studies,  23 (3): 355–373  Download



Charron, Nicholas, Lewis Dijkstra and Victor Lapuente. 2015.  ‘Mapping the Regional Divide in Europe: A Measure for Assessing Quality of Government in 206 European Regions’. Social Indicators Research. vol 122 (2): 315-346.  Download

Nystoskaya, Marina, Nicholas Charron and Victor Lapuente.  2015. “The Wealth of Regions: Entrepenuership and Wealth in Europe”  Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.  vol. 33 (5): 11251155  Download


Charron, Nicholas, Lewis Dijkstra & Victor Lapuente.  2014.  “Regional governance matters: quality of government within European Union member states.” Regional Studies, 48(1), 68-90.  Download

Bågenholm, Andreas and Nicholas Charron. 2014.  “Do Politics in Europe Benefit from Politicising Corruption?”  West European Politics.  vol 37 (5): 903-931.  Download

Charron, Nicholas.  2014.When Democracy is not EnoughThe Role of State Capacity and Democratic Governance in Promoting Human Security.  A Book Review of: ‘Making Democratic Governance Work: How Regimes Shape Prosperity, Welfare, and Peace’, by Pippa Norris.”  International Studies Review, vol 16 (3), 485-488.  Download


Charron, Nicholas and Victor Lapuente.  2013.  “Why do Some Regions in Europe Have Higher Quality of Government?”  Journal of Politics. vol 75(3): 567-582.  Download                 Charron and Lapuente data JOP                JOP 2013 dofiles

Charron, Nicholas.  2013.  “Impartiality, Friendship-Networks and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Voting Patterns in the Eurovision Song Contest”.   Social Networks.  vol 35 (3): 484-497. Download

Bauer, Monika, Nicholas Charron and Nagmeh Nasirtuosi. 2013.  “Does Corruption Cause Aid Fatigue?”  International Studies Quarterly. vol 57 (3): 568-579. download


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Charron, Nicholas. 2010. “Déjà vu All Over Again: A Post-Cold War Empirical Test of Huntington’s Civilizational Theory”.  Cooperation and Conflict.  Vol 45 (1): 107-127.  Download


Charron, Nicholas.  2009.  “The Impact of Socio-Political Integration and Press Freedom on Corruption.”  Journal of Development Studies. Vol 45 (9): 1-22.   Download

 Charron, Nicholas.  2009.  “Government Quality and Vertical Power Sharing in Fractionalized States”Publius: The Journal of Federalism. Vol 39 (4): 585-605.  Download