PERCEIVE ( ) project is part of Horizon 2020, the biggest Research and Innovation Programme of the EU. The project investigates, in different European regions, how much do citizens feel European and how do they perceive the implementation of the European Cohesion Policy. Do European Citizens know what Cohesion Policy is and what does it do for them? How well does the EU communicate its policies and positive results? Why do Europeans, in different regions, have significantly different sense of belonging to the EU?

PERCEIVE stems from the idea that individuals are influenced by the social environment they grow up and live in. So in which ways Europeans are influenced in feeling a weak or strong sense of belonging? Social environment means the physical and social setting in which people live. Which role do local institutions play in shaping the social environment? The way you feel about EU, can it be somehow connected to the way your municipality is implementing, promoting or communicating Cohesion Policy?

My contribution in the project is a large, EU-wide regional survey regarding awarness andsupport for EU regional Cohesion policy among other EU policies.