From 2012-2017, My reasearch on corruption will fit into a large consortium of reasearchers throughout 16 countries  in Europe, called “Anticorruption Policies Revisited: Global Trends and European Responses to the Challenge of Corruption” (ANTICORP).  The project, led by Bo Rothstein and the Quality of Government Institute at the Uuniversity of Gothenburg, was the largest social science grant ever awarded by the EU in its history of research funding.

During this time, my work will contribute to two large ‘work packages’.  The first (WP5) will consist of a continuation of the ‘European Quality of Government Index’ (EQI) data.  This portion is to build on the 2009-2010 EQI data and to be carried out during the 2013-2014 academic year.  During this time, we will launch the largest, most comprehensive regional-level survey within corruption research to date.  Based on both experiences and perceptions, more than 72,000 citizens in 185 EU regions in 20 countries will be asked about the extent to which their publc serivces are administered and delivered impartially, are of good quality and the extent to which civil servents working within these serveces are corrupt.  Data is expected to bu ready to publish by fall of 2013.

In a second work package (WP11), together with Victor Lapuente and Carl Dahlström, I will help put together historical data at the regional level in several European  countires on the extent to which civil servent employment was recruited meritcratically (relative to patrimonially).  Data is expected to be published fall of 2015.