Journal Publications

Forthcoming articles

Bauhr, Monika and Nicholas Charron.  “Why Support International Financial Assistance? How Corruption Shapes Support for EU Economic Integration”  forthcoming at European Union Politics

Annoni, Paola and Nicholas Charron.  Measurement Assessment in Cross-Country Comparative Analysis: Rasch Modelling on a Measure of Institutional Quality”, forthcoming at Social Indicators Research

Bauhr, Monika and Nicholas Charron.  “Insider or Outsider?  Grand Corruption and Electoral Accountability.” Comparative Political Studies.  doi: 0010414017710258.  Download


Charron, N., Dahlström, C., Fazekas, M., & Lapuente, V.  2017. “Careers, Connections, and Corruption Risks: Investigating the impact of bureaucratic meritocracy on public procurement processes”  Journal of Politics, 79 (1): 89-104.     Download


Charron, N.  “Explaining the Allocation of Regional Structural Funds: The Conditional Effect of Governance and Self-Rule”.  European Union Politics,  17 (4): 638-659          Download

Charron, Nicholas and Andreas Bågenholm.  2016. ‘Ideology, Party Systems and Corruption Voting in  European Democracies’  Electoral Studies.  41: 35-49Download

Charron, Nicholas. 2016. ‘Do corruption measures have a perception problem? Assessing the relationship between experiences and perceptions of corruption among citizens and experts.’ European Political Science Review, 8(1): 147-171.  Download
Charron, N. & Bo Rothstein.  2016.  “Does Education Lead to Higher Generalized Trust? The Importance of Quality of Government”  forthcoming in International Journal of Educational Development, 50 (2016): 59-73.   Download
Charron, N., Dahlström, C., & Lapuente, V. 2016. “Measuring Meritocracy in the Public Sector: a New National and Sub-National Indicator.”  European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 22 (3): 499-523.    Download

Charron, Nicholas.  2016. “Diverging Cohesion?  Globalization, State Capacity and Regional Inequalities Within and Across European Countries”  European Urban and Regional Studies,  23 (3): 355–373  Download



Charron, Nicholas, Lewis Dijkstra and Victor Lapuente. 2015.  ‘Mapping the Regional Divide in Europe: A Measure for Assessing Quality of Government in 206 European Regions’. Social Indicators Research. vol 122 (2): 315-346.  Download

Nystoskaya, Marina, Nicholas Charron and Victor Lapuente.  2015. “The Wealth of Regions: Entrepenuership and Wealth in Europe”  Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.  vol. 33 (5): 11251155  Download


Charron, Nicholas, Lewis Dijkstra & Victor Lapuente.  2014.  “Regional governance matters: quality of government within European Union member states.” Regional Studies, 48(1), 68-90.  Download

Bågenholm, Andreas and Nicholas Charron. 2014.  “Do Politics in Europe Benefit from Politicising Corruption?”  West European Politics.  vol 37 (5): 903-931.  Download

Charron, Nicholas.  2014.When Democracy is not EnoughThe Role of State Capacity and Democratic Governance in Promoting Human Security.  A Book Review of: ‘Making Democratic Governance Work: How Regimes Shape Prosperity, Welfare, and Peace’, by Pippa Norris.”  International Studies Review, vol 16 (3), 485-488.  Download


Charron, Nicholas and Victor Lapuente.  2013.  “Why do Some Regions in Europe Have Higher Quality of Government?”  Journal of Politics. vol 75(3): 567-582.  Download                 Charron and Lapuente data JOP                JOP 2013 dofiles

Charron, Nicholas.  2013.  “Impartiality, Friendship-Networks and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Voting Patterns in the Eurovision Song Contest”.   Social Networks.  vol 35 (3): 484-497. Download

Bauer, Monika, Nicholas Charron and Nagmeh Nasirtuosi. 2013.  “Does Corruption Cause Aid Fatigue?”  International Studies Quarterly. vol 57 (3): 568-579. download


Charron, Nicholas, Carl Dahlström and Victor Lapuente.  2012.  “No Law Without a State”.  Journal of Comparative Economics, vol 40 (2): 176-193. Download


Charron, Nicholas.  2011.  “Party System, Electoral Systems and Constraints on Corruption“.  Electoral Studies.  Vol 30 (4): 595-606 Download

Charron, Nicholas and Victor Lapuente.  2011.  “Which Dictators Produce Quality of Government?” Studies of Comparative International Development.  Vol 46 (4): 397-423 Download

Charron, Nicholas.  2011.  “Exploring the Impact of Foreign Aid on Corruption – Has the ‘Anti-Corruption’ Movement been Effective?”  The Developing Economies, 49 (1): 66-88.  Download


Charron, Nicholas andVictor Lapuente.  2010.  Does Democracy Produce Quality of Government?” European Journal of Political Research.  Vol. 49 (4): 443-470.   Download

Charron, Nicholas. 2010. “The Correlates of Corruption in India: Analysis and Evidence from the States” Asian Journal of Political Science.  Vol. 18, (2 ):  177 – 194.  Download

Charron, Nicholas. 2010. “Déjà vu All Over Again: A Post-Cold War Empirical Test of Huntington’s Civilizational Theory”.  Cooperation and Conflict.  Vol 45 (1): 107-127.  Download


Charron, Nicholas.  2009.  “The Impact of Socio-Political Integration and Press Freedom on Corruption.”  Journal of Development Studies. Vol 45 (9): 1-22.   Download

 Charron, Nicholas.  2009.  “Government Quality and Vertical Power Sharing in Fractionalized States”Publius: The Journal of Federalism. Vol 39 (4): 585-605.  Download