About Me

Born in frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN, I was moved to balmy Maine at the age of two, where I grew up.  I attended the University of ME at Orono and received a BA in music, with a focus on piano and voice studies and a minor in Italian.  In my third year, I spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy.  In Orono, I performed in such groups as University of Maine Singers, and the Maine Steiners – Maine’s ‘premier male accapella group’ – for which I was music director for two years.

After graduation, I worked as a music teacher at TASIS, a private American school in Lugano, Switzerland, where I worked teaching middle school students from around the world for two intense summers.

Switching gears from music, I attended the University of Rhode Island and graduate with a MA in political science in 2002.  I then went down to Florida’s fine capital city of Tallahassee, became a Seminole, and received a PhD in political science in the summer of 2007 from Florida State University.

After teaching part-time for a few years at FSU, I then got a year-long appointment to teach full-time teaching job at the University of Memphis.  After 5 years in the south, I migrated back to Europe when I got a job at the Dept. of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg (Göteborg Universitet).  I am currently a research fellow at the Quality of Government Institute and Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

I follow all Boston sports teams and I try to make it to Fenway Park at least once a year to stay true to my roots and catch as much Florida State football and basketball that I can online.. I think next year is FSU’s turn to cut down the banners after March Madness…